Hi, this is the download folder for Nick Yates Software this is a temporary storage location as I been having problems with my service provider regarding bandwidth so I just using this folder to help link my webiste to an offsite storage side while I decide what to do...

Genesys File Cleaner Installer   -  Version 3.5.95 (Major Update)

Computer Optimization Program

  • Cleans up junk files
  • Cleans up internet browser history & cookies
  • Runs once a day

Download 4.8 MB                   

   I will be providing release notes soon.


Keep A secret Installer - Version 1.0.230


  • Diary system
  • Text editor with encryption & speech
  • Cut down version of GFC
  • Website blocking tool
  • Screen Capture
  • Reminder system
  • Clock Widget with multiple clocks and talking clock

Download 10.2 MB


Dependants You may get an error regarding MBTray.ocx, if this is the case or any different errors in the execution of files please download this tool which should repair this problem by applying the files to the system for you.


Add over 16,000 blacklisted websites to your Windows computer this will block a lot of websites which try to pop up adverts from scammers, adult sites like betting sites and pornographic sites, fake scams such as fake Microsoft and IRS, Tax scams from India ect and much more, simply download the zip file and unzip it, run the file as Administrator then your away, what it will show is a page not found which is a good thing because it means that the website has been blocked.

please note depending on the speed of your computer the adding of these files can take a little while to apply !



Drop to dos is a useful function for allowing you to use the dos prompt from any folder (not shared folders) ..



Just click on the PayPal Donate

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Developers like me spend many hours developing our programs and the projects can take months even years sometimes but most of your efforts are because of the love we have for our work but we need support sometimes to help us.  So I would ask if you think that my work is work funding why not donate to me after all our project are no way near to the likes of Microsoft or even Apple ect but we are trying to provide an alternative and unique product.

You don't need to have a PayPal account but you can still donate via the payment system or your can use bitcoin ect to donate with just send the donation to

And just drop me an email on things I could advance the software with any bugs which there will be LOL but that's only because limitations on Windows but I think I got most of it right!!!  But with your support I have make it better and more stable.


  Warning - As this is a new project and is common with most new applications the Security companies who develop the virus detection programs such as Avast, Comodo, Norton ect will block the application as it has not had enough coverage over the networks to be whist listed his means you may have to add the site and GFC or KEEP A SECRET to the exclusions of the security lists within your antivirus, I have notified and registered the projects with Avast, Comodo and Kaspersky and just waiting for there software to analyse and flag them as safe.  So if you are warned that its a virus or a malware ect you can ignore its just a normal warning that the application has not been identified yet.



If you are not sure what Keep a Secret or Genesys is you can type it into

google as nick yates software genesys or nick yates software keep a secret and

the websites will appear in the listings directory.


Depending on the version of Windows the downloader should be the same As you can see this similar to versions of windows upward of Windows Vista

When your ready run the application.

On later versions of windows Smart Screen will not show certain applications but you can simply click More info to bring down the Run Anyway option, this is because my application has not yet been recognised by the security community just yet.
Selecting to Run Anyway will launch the Installer